Gloria 3

From company literature: If you only had a little box – the size of a hymnal – that could play any of the songs in the hymnal, in any key, at any tempo.  You could use it to accompany the soloist or the congregation.  And if you could select one part to play by itself,  each section of the choir could learn and practice their individual parts.  That is why we have developed GLORIA 3, the compact digital orchestra.  Not only can it do all of this, but it can play with realistic sounds of up to 100 included instruments.  And, each song has been professionally recorded on 16 tracks in an appropriate style, with a combination of instruments already selected.  Of course you can also select your own preferred instruments or combinations of instruments.  All of the music is stored in a memory chip inside the box.

GLORIA 3 is totally self-contained.  It runs on four D size flashlight batteries, an AC adapter, or a solar charged battery; and it has a built-in speaker and 5 watt amplifier.  The sound volume is adequate for a group of ten to twenty people.  For use in larger churches, a sound system, keyboard amplifier, or guitar amplifier can be plugged into the external audio jack.

Compare the sound of the 16 channel GLORIA 3 with 5-6 channel devices costing three to five times more.  All hymns are also provided in a simplified 5-6 channel sound to make GLORIA 3 compatible with sound of previous Glorias as well, so you can take your choice.

The original intent of Gloria was to provide a worship aid for use in Latin American and other Spanish-speaking churches in conjunction with the hymnal Celebremos su Gloria.  Nearly 200 of the hymns are of purely Latin American origin.  But about 400 of the hymns and choruses are familiar in English.  Thousands have been sold across the world in more than 65 countries.

Note GLORIA 3 is also keyed to an additional 800+ hymns from The Celebration Hymnal, one of the best selling hymnals in the world, published by Word Music/Integrity Music.  And as new songs become available, you will be able to purchase them and download them to your GLORIA 3 over the Internet (PC computer only).



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