HT-300 US Testimonials

HT-300 US

“I have been using the Hymnal Plus with great success.”

Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Los Angeles, CA

Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Los Angeles, CA

HT-300 US

“We had our first Worship Service with the HT-300 Hymnal Plus and the congregation couldn’t get over the quality of sound.

Harless Memorial UMC, Denison, Texas

HT-300 US

HT-300 US
“As a musician and, especially, as a former organist, I had great misgivings about using “canned” music in worship. But the HT-300 is simply marvelous.”
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

HT-300 US

We have been very impressed with the sound of the Hymnal Plus.

St. John's Anglican Catholic Church
Somersworth, NH

HT-300 US

Just had our first service with our new HT-300 US Hymnal.  Made the church sound like Canterbury cathedral!

St Martin's Church
Wootton, Kent

HT-300 US

Thank you very much for your product, which we enjoy very much.

St Fremund's Church
Dunstable, Beds

HT-300 US

After 5 years, we continue to be very happy with the Hymnal Plus and heartily recommend it.

Gamlingay Baptist Church
Sandy, Beds

HT-300 US

…everyone is hugely impressed with it’s seamless operation during services and the quality of the sound we get.

St Michaels Church
TinternGamlingay Baptist Church, Sandy, Beds

HT-300 US

Hymnal Plus has been a magnificent addition to our worship service when a musician is not available.  The quality of the sound, multiple voicing and editing features are a joy! Hymnal Plus is an exceptional solution for our lack of musicians.  We would highly recommend this product.

Frontier UMC
Frontier Michigan


DH 200 Testimonials

DH 200

Boy is this DH 200 ever the cat’s meow! It makes it so easy when the organist calls off.

Cheryl Moore
Lutheran Church


Gloria 3 Testimonials

Gloria 3

The Gloria 3 unit is easy to use and didn’t cost us a fortune. We love it!

Jessica Beale
1st Presbyterian


Hymn Master Testimonials

Hymn Master

A simple to operate yet full featured hymnal machine. We couldn’t live without it.

David Black
Black Funeral Home